Welcome to Teftera.com

This site is a social network

Our mission is to provide free exchange services for free



Use the features from the future with Teftera.com

To use all you need - Login and discover. Free almost anonymous registration needed.

The following list of features may be is not complete, because of active development. There are most important perspective for you and your security.

  • Free Video/Audo calls - unlimited time.
  • Blog - Personal Blog or your mission - create for free.
  • Read and/or post news. RSS reader for a lot of popular web sites. you can add your for free.
  • Make your private groups or join to existing public one. Very similar as most modern PIM apps.
  • Decentralized - you can talk with many other servers - private messages, private or public chat rooms and explore news.
  • End to end encryption of messages, thaks to OMEMO support.
  • You need only username and password to choose for this network.

Do not forget the main chat rule - be honest! Respect to everyone who want to be free and use free as speech. Do not flame. Do not abuse. Raport to admins if you are abused.



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Android with Firefox

Movim on Firefox Context menu

Movim with PWA

Teftera/Movim with Chrome on Android as PWA App

Teftera/Movim Video call

Video call on Android smartphones